Seth Feroce Gets Real About The Cold, Hard Truths Of Steroids

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The truth and nothing but the truth.

Bodybuilding is all about the pursuit of more muscle while at the same time getting lean and shredded. It’s something that simply isn’t natural. While there are those who are genetically capable of putting on pounds of muscle while dropping their body fat percentage, the reality is that most human beings aren’t capable of doing such things. Think about it. What person out there stands five feet, seven inches tall weighing in at over 250 lbs of solid muscle? Sounds more like a gorilla than a human being, yet the bodybuilding industry is filled with these individuals. How is that possible? Well, beside intense training, many of these guys are on steroids. But rather than speak on the issue there are many who would rather hide their steroid use. But here’s why that’s a big mistake.

The biggest problem about not coming clean about steroids is the fact that so many impressionable young people are going to resort to using the substance anyway. While many people in the fitness industry refuse to be “the one” who let out all the secrets, the truth is that if an individual lacks the proper education on the subject then they’re even more likely to do irreversible damage to themselves.

Besides the lack of education on the subject matter, by lying about steroids being a big part of the success of bodybuilders you’re avoiding the truth, which ultimately is counter productive. Becoming a professional bodybuilder means understanding the risks and by being silent about those risks you’re simply just perpetuating a cycle of lies. A basketball player dribbles the ball and tries to shoot it into a hoop. A boxer tries to find the best strategy to beat their opponent using their fists. A bodybuilder trains hard, watches their diet, and takes supplements that will develop their muscles. While some people may not want to admit it, steroids is one of those supplements.

Seth Feroce is a bodybuilder with a great following and a ton of respect in the industry. He himself is tired of all the smoke and mirrors presented about steroid usage and has decided to sound off about the issue. Take a look at the video below as Seth Feroce goes in depth about steroids and how they should be viewed, used, and treated.

Seth Feroce Gets Real About The Cold, Hard Truths Of Steroids – Generation Iron Fitness & Bodybuilding Network

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