12 Weeks 500mg Testosterone Only Cycle

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WEEKTest Enanthate
Test Propionate
Pregny (HCG)
5,000 IU's
Letrozole 1mg
(aka Arimidex)
Clomid 50mg
1500mg500 IU's0.5mg/eod
2500mg500 IU's0.5mg/eod
3500mg500 IU's0.5mg/eod
4500mg500 IU's0.5mg/eod
5500mg500 IU's0.5mg/eod
6500mg500 IU's0.5mg/eod
7500mg500 IU's0.5mg/eod
8500mg500 IU's0.5mg/eod
9500mg500 IU's0.5mg/eod
(100mg x3
500 IU's0.5mg/eod
(100mg x3
500 IU's0.5mg/eod
(100mg x2
500 IU's0.5mg/
only tuesday
& thursday
13500 IU's
14500 IU's300mg
1550mg eod
1650mg eod
1750mg eod
1850mg eod

Take any good brand of herbal liver support pill during the cycle. Also get your liver blood tested after the cycle is finished. Also add 50000iu of vitamin D every other day during PCT and see how fast you recover.

What I need

6x TESTENAT DEPOT (Testosterone Enanthate 250 mg/mL) for US$ 180
1x TEST  PROPIONATE 100mg/ml (10ml Vial) By Landerland for US$ 55
2x Pregnyl 5000 IU’s (Legitimate HCG) By MSD for US$ 150 **
Total amount without shipping US$ 385 *

* we won’t be able to provide you the orals due to our policy about so this total does not include them.
* There are another brands of the same products availble so you could make another order with other brands according your preferences, just check the products in search box.
** HCG protocol has been utilized during cycle to prevent testicular atrophy, 250 IU’s on monday and wednesday


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