Police trafficking steroids seems to be a major issue in Edmonton.

By Generation Iron

Detective Greg Lewis, age 36, was arrested in March of 2016 on three charges of trafficking in a controlled substance after a three-year investigation by the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team.

Early this week, during a trail in Court Of Queen’s Bench, The Sun has reported that two other officers confessed to buying steroids from him.

In June 2016, associate Darren French, age 51, plead to two counts of trafficking in a controlled substance.

Testifying against both is Sgt. Steve Maertens-Poole, a 22-year police veteran. He said that he bought Winstrol, an anabolic and andronogenic drug nicknamed ‘Winny’ from French in 2005. When he went back for more, French said he was no longer selling and suggested he ask Lewis, whom he had met at a department flag-football game in 2005.

Poole paid Lewis $300 for two bottles of Pills in 2007. He asked again in 2009, but Lewis said he was no longer selling.

Also testifying was Sgt. Adam Toma, who admitted a steroid like Winny from Lewis on two occasions. Toma told the court that a heavy workload and personal problems were taking their toll on his physique. He had graduated with Lewis in 2004 and they had worked together in the Edmonton Drugs and Gang Enforcement Unit. Occasionally Lewis ordered protein bars for him to take advantage of bulk shipping discounts. In 2012 Toma asked Lewis if he knew where to buy growth hormone, and Lewis suggested he try Winstrol.

He recieved received 50 small yellow pills in a bottle and took them until Achilles tendon problems inhibited his training, and he flushed the pills. Six months later he bought another bottle from Lewis, which he kept for a year without taking. When he heard rumors that an investigation of steroid use was underway, Toma said he dumped the drugs and initially lied to investigators in 2014 to protect Lewis.

Toma plead guilty to discreditable conduct and deceit and was given a temporary demotion.

Defence lawyer Dino Bottos has questioned the witness’s memories and reliability. The trial is set to continue next week.

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