Advanced Offseason Pro-Cycle


.-As told me one of the best Pro Bodybuilders

I don’t believe in orals in the offseason.

1. They are bad for the liver.

2. They KILL my appetite.

For me, if I’m trying to grow but cannot eat, there is no point. I know some guys say that orals don’t interfere with their appetite. If that’s the case then I think 50g of anadrol or dianabol a day for 8 weeks in the offseason is okay. For me, I’d rather save the orals for pre-contest when I won’t mind a decrease in appetite.

But to me, I think a good dose of test (1000-1500), some Deca (600mg) and possibly some tren (75 mg EOD) along with 6IU GH is PLENTY of gear for the offseason

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Train 5 Days per week;
Chest & Abs
Arms and Shoulders
Hams and Calves

Make sure you are doing all the basic movements:
Barbell Bench,  Deadlift,  Barbell Squat,  Barbell Row,  Overhead Press,  Barbell Curl,  Skull Crushers.
This is VERY IMPORTANT to do these movements. Always train as heavy as possible on these movements. Giant sets are good but do them after going heavy on these movements. Do 30 min of low intensity cardio (just walking on the treadmill) before Meal 1 on Chest day and on your rest days.
As for secrets, the only secrets are hard work, good food, good drugs, rest, no stress and FOCUS! Any time you have any questions let me know.

Source:  One of the BEST IFBB Pro (by REASONS of ethics I can not reveal his name)

Week Sustanon 250 Deca Durabolin fast acting Deca or Eq Peso Pesado 200mg Proviron tabs  Genotropin  Phyzer     Boldenone 



HUMULIN R by Lilly
1 1000mgs/EW 600mgs/EW   2/ED 6 IU’s /EoD
2 1000mgs/EW 600mgs/EW   2/ED 6 IU’s /EoD
3 1000mgs/EW 800mgs/EW   2/ED 6 IU’s /EoD
4 1000mgs/EW 800mgs/EW   2/ED 6 IU’s /EoD 6 IU’s /postwork
5 1000mgs/EW   2/ED 6 IU’s /EoD 800mgs/EW 6 IU’s /postwork
6 1000mgs/EW   2/ED 6 IU’s /EoD 800mgs/EW 8 IU’s /postwork
7 1000mgs/EW   2/ED 6 IU’s /EoD 600mgs/EW 8 IU’s /postwork
8 1000mgs/EW   2/ED 6 IU’s /EoD 600mgs/EW 8 IU’s /postwork
9 500mgs/EW   2/ED 6 IU’s /EoD 600mgs/EW 8 IU’s /postwork
10 500mgs/EW   2/ED 6 IU’s /EoD 600mgs/EW 6 IU’s/postwork
*ED = per day*EW = per week*EoD = every other day.

Post Workout:

8 IUs   Humulin-R,
80g of carbs (vitargo is ideal),
20g L-Glutamine, 12g Branch Chain Amino Acids.

What do you need for this cycle:

36 amps or ml  Sustanon 250mg/ml

14 amps or ml Deca or  2 x 10ml Peso Pesado 200 Eq

7 cartridges (252 iu’s)  Genotropin 36 IU ‘s  or 4 cartridges  HUMATROPE 72 IU’s (288 IU’s)

1 Humulin R


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