Humatrope® (somatropin [rDNA origin] for injection) 15 IU’s kit

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– Each Kit has one vial of Humatrope (somatropin rdna origin) contains 5 mg somatropin (15 IU or 225 nanomoles); 25 mg mannitol; 5 mg glycine; and 1.13 mg dibasic sodium phosphate. Each vial is supplied in a combination package with an accompanying 5-mL vial of diluting solution (diluent). The diluent contains Water for Injection with 0.3% metacresol as a preservative and 1.7% glycerin.

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    • Manufactured by: Eli Lilly
    • Manufactured since: 1998 – Present
    • Current Price: $20 – $23 per IU  (our pricing $5.53 per IU)
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Humatrope (somatropin, rDNA origin, for injection) is a polypeptide hormone of recombinant DNA origin. Humatrope (somatropin rdna origin) is synthesized in a strain of Escherichia coli that has been modified by the addition of the gene for human GH. The peptide is comprised of 191 amino acid residues and has a molecular weight of about 22,125 daltons. The amino acid sequence of the peptide is identical to that of human GH of pituitary origin.

Humatrope (somatropin rdna origin) is a sterile, white, lyophilized powder intended for subcutaneous or intramuscular administration after reconstitution to its liquid form. Humatrope (somatropin rdna origin) is a highly purified preparation. Phosphoric acid and/or sodium hydroxide may have been added to adjust the pH. Reconstituted solutions have a pH of approximately 7.5. This product is oxygen sensitive.


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